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im trying to make this entry well written; pilates for the brain! [Sunday
April 16th, 2006
It's Saturday night, the last weekend of the holidays and i find myself once again at this computer, dreadfully bored and thwarted at the though that i have not done as much work over the holiday as i anticipated and i have big exams in a few weeks.
The holidays have though, been good, to say the least.
I'v been working most Thursday and Friday nights which is a bonus as i get higher wages therfor it brings me happiness when i am able to buy nice things, however the happiness is temporary. I have been taking imense pleaseure in reading latley, after a series of nights spent reading up to 3 am i have moved on to another book; Running with Scissors by Augusten Burroughs whom is quich becoming my favourite writter. The book follows his child and teen hood which was screwd up by his insane mother and the lack of rules in the family that he lived with. I think i take a sick pleasure in reading controvercial slightly sick things, because my favourite books are this one, a book about a teen alcoholic and Tracy Emins shocking biography, Strangeland. I fell in love with the main character in this book and part of me feels sorry for him but part also envys him. This sounds totally stupid bacause after all it is only a book but it's really alot more than a collection of pages bound with a paper spine.
Tuesday night i made it into Glasgow through the terential rain that fell like sheets blowing in the wind, god it fell so hard that i felt like i was seeking refuge under the train shelter and it made me fell so small and inferior. I met Edward in Buchanan bus staion and pondered where to eat, first we were thinking of trying a Thai resteraunt but decided against it and took a walk down to Merchant City. We found a nice bar called red lizard where we had a bottle of wine and chicken burgers. Later we went to Delmonicas which was surprissingly busy for a Tuesday night. We proceded to Polo and Moda because we were in the mood for a cocktail. I had a sour apple martini and it tasted artificial, like astro belts or fizzy laces.
It got quite late so i ended up going back to Eds and staying the night.

March 26th, 2006
ah yesterday was good and long and it seemed asif i went through a tun of emotions and seasons.
i felt tired calm happy excited the lot and the weather was wet sunny cold wet and terencial at 3am which brought us nicley into the first few hours of summer. time is passing so quick and even the weekends are getting burried in my memory cause of school and that. west end with katy and euan was good, but i thinki lost it and it was evident from the 'vintage' bag i got my mum. & the cravat an broach from starry starryy night i squandered money on. oh no i need to get a hold of my wallet dhiarea an start saving for roma milano and the lot plus new yoaak! oh aye how good is tanya turner an joan collins?

January 26th, 2006
saturday was gooood, pics later.
yesterday morn i got a txt from dom on da train cause we were both gonna be off games buddyz but then plans changed and i escaped school. ran away nd i felt free free free as a bird in the big business streets. hop skip an a jump later i were in cafe nero hope st. with domi emma an rebecca.
skint to the back teeth though.
lolz @ loyola house staff etc...
pure made up lot of lies and it worked like that!
anyone up for the editors?

January 13th, 2006
oh i really don't know where to begin here.
right so christmas came and passed and so did new year. highlights were...
the things that have beeen the most prominent, fun and memorable are inumerable; wild weekends spent boozing and laughing and dodging it all on school, friday nights in starbucks in that autumn period, running away from school and hopping in a taxi down to cafe nero with rachel boyle an that girl emma who never does her homework. christmas cocktails in that dirty place Campus;the bar with the seats that break your back. downing them aftershocks and needing to pee alot.that period of time where i was sick and felt shit over christmas and boxing day, hogmanay and getting nice drinks and champagne and winding the cousins who love themselves up, king kong and clothes and all the christmas bindge eating and madness. but not the producers! now it's back to exams and nabs and i'm hit so violently with the cold reality of it all.
& making so many good promises to myself.

November 24th, 2005
'sa dolce vita sometimes at the weekends!
last few have been good good good.
christmas soon, sgett'n real cold.

November 2nd, 2005

Right now i don't know how to feel about things.
I feel asif i'm running into the ground again.
Some people are arrogant bastards and downright hurtfull. I know they could be going through a hard time but it just doesnt make sence.
I want to do a good thing at the weekend, but as per, it'll be uneventful and i'll eat lots of halloween sweets and sit on this and get down and feel horribe and sad and lonley.

October 24th, 2005
i laughed a good bit today at miiissss savagge!
'could you lot please not talk, when i'm up here doin' ma thaang!?'
& that snapped me out of my day dream and into convulsive laughter, wha she think she's like a nigga?
nanny mcphee was good last noight.
and i talked to Eeee man which i havn't done in ages and it's good now.
cause i aint seen him in donkz man.
but tomorrow night im going gon to whateva happnd to bby jne wiff him so tshud be good man.
ima kinda in the middle of an english essay right now so i betteeer go.


October 17th, 2005
too much vino for giulio last nighto, & i was seek as a dug.
& i still feel seek.
need to say sarry in that wee voice and buy some flowaz.
need to stop drinking as much.
so, today i talked to catthhy and worked out what we're going as at hal'ween.
ate beanz on toast which also made me feel putrid.
and went for a walk and everything seemed good and big and autumny which wiz good.
leaves are nico colours.

October 13th, 2005
Some people are shit stupid for stepping the line once again, when they had been forgiven so many times in the past.
What a disgusting attitude he's got, saying that about his 'friend', hurting her just so the (quote)"popular kidz" could think he's funny. Then, when they treat him crap, come back to us?
Naw, i'm not standing back and watching that anymore, and i'm glad that the rest aren't too.
Fucking hypocritical bastard, excuse the French.
Soon, he'll find he has no friends casue he's a fake pal to people.
& when his time is up with the "popular kidz" he'll be nobody.
But, we wont be that stupid again to give in.

October 9th, 2005
somethings wrong with me.
last night, i drunk 2 gin and tonics & a bottle of magners and i was away with the fairies I tell you.
I didnt even have an empty stomach anol. I'm not normally effected that easy.
but the arty party was good.

October 2nd, 2005
I'm happy that i'm here.
dorrs are opening, doors are closing, we are all changing.
& i'm begining to walk with a spring in my feet, simply, things are loooking up and the autumn is great.
I appreciate it.
I bought a nice wee scarve today, and a diary so i can keep track of things and look back and laugh.

September 28th, 2005
september weekend was good, done some good stuff. but worked on friday. ma maws party was on sunday but i didnt really have masel a good time. shouda though.
big gillly, mark n me aw went tae my house for a pure sleepover but the conked out on me so the vodka didnt get drunk. eeven though i had a purre good plan. but that day was good with mark & daveey boy.
got new stuff but then i dumped it im marks house & then we went gallaavanting and got that wee girl nicole and gillian and we fought with the scheme weanes. it was good. thenwe ran away from aggresive 5 yearoldss who called mark 'miss. man' lolZ.
anayway i'm off school the day cause i got caught in that heavy rain so i got a flu and a cold.
it was good but. i love rain.

September 21st, 2005
right, so here's the thing. after school, lauren, rebecca, katy and I were walking down suchihall street looking at something when this girl bumps into us, takes a pure hairy fit and shouts 'wan'ea fuckin' watch yarsel'?' so we pure laugh when she's out of sight and immitate her and she obviously heard so i look behind me and here's this chav fae da ghetto bounding down to get us. she gets down and grabs lauren; 'whit ye sayin boot me, eh?' & she keeps on repeating it and i'm like eh naw hen get back up the flats or the socio'll be up fur yar wayne. i didn't actually say that but, cause i wanted to keep my face. so she's givin it all tae lauren and she's pure up for it so the scally wag kicks her as we're walking away then lauren takes a maddy n dis all 'er karate chops on 'er n that. pure doin' all her noises n that. thats a wee lie anol, but. what really happened was lauren was pure patronising her and it was actually quite amusing looking back on it.

September 20th, 2005
last night was really quite upseting and sad, today wasn't any better.
nothing made sence today, it's been pure horrible and i can't actually wait to get into my bed so this day can be over.
on the bus today i had to stand cause it was too crowded and a blind man was trying to get past, it wasn't very good cause he couldnt see me and i had no space to move out of the way. it was really rather uncomfortable.
and just to top it all off andrew's fallen out with me for reasons which i don't know.
school life is actually rubbish right now.
tomorrow's another day.

September 9th, 2005

omg, wht's the world come to?

LJ merchendice ? lolz


September 9th, 2005
I like actaullly feel disorientated, i don't know what to do, or even think about doing. Or just plain think about.
but, thankfuck it's FRIDAYY.


September 6th, 2005
it's tuesday night & i'v decided not you use any capital letters in this entry. don't know why.

scott brough me back these pure nice diesel shoes from his holidays, i canny even remember where he was, somewere with good shops though; god bless the boy.

my weekend was good but i cant be bothered typing it all out, is that all-right?

i'm in big trouble in little china, btw.

baai xo

raining, &pouring! [Sunday
August 28th, 2005
The weekend has been quite good.
On Friday after school, me, Claire & Ashleigh went down town to buy some stuff for school. After we got our things we went for a coffee. Sat for like aages & talked etc. Then sauntered about town in the pouring rain. Got totally soaked but it was great.
After work yesterday i got ready & went over to Marks & met Gillian et Nicole. Walked about Bailieston
then met Ashleigh and Lindsay and her cousins. Went walks late at night and got drink. Went to the van before going in with the carry-out and Marks wee brother came out, too young and neive to notice though. Then his nanna was looking out the window and i dropped all the stuff and we just pure pissed ourselfs but she didn't notice, musta been that scenile demnchia kicking in. Watched DVD's to the small hours. Was good but a bit stupid.

I'm like actually going to Bianca's dancing show tonight and surprisingly enough, i'm quite looking forward to it.

so, g. xoox

malabu & coke is the beez knees. [Tuesday
August 23rd, 2005
aye, on that note; i had a pure busy weekend, it was good though.
on Frriday, i was s'posed to do my english essay n all that but that went pearshaped when Claire called.
hopped on da bus, then another bus, got of it for like a second then got back on it, & heey presto, you'r at Claires house with her & Ashleigh. not to mention the bottle of after-shookz which ovcourse i couldn't drink casue the maw. daarnit'! pure had fun in her room and watched 80's excercise videos and made fun of Lucy and then made cakes which was tedious but quite nice. After we got de dinna we fannied bouts some more then my maw wouldny let me stay cause i had work so that Ian had to drive me home. FULL FUCKING HOOSE! seriously.
Work on Saturday then rosemarys party and i took Ashleigh again but it was good cause we could gallavant and drink this time. Wiz the beez kneez!
Then Sunday was Catorinas wedding which was just lovely and it was good too. I looked the part indeed.
Comootions and ambumances for the underagerz, not me but.
Then a burgger van in the early hours.
After that i crawled into bed shattered.
Had a jammie day yesterday & gutted my rooom completley so it's all nice for going back to school.

the day me and mum went to ikea after taking bianca to school and bought some good things for my room then i went and booked my art course which starts in octt. YAAS =]
lunch in the cricklwood.

school starts tomorrow. i got butterflys in my basket.

August 18th, 2005
I'll start a few days back, yesterday to be quite precise.
A bus, hop & skip into the area in Glasgow where prostitutes, junkies and single mothers roam the streets; commonly known as the Gallowgate;

I met Lauren, Claire & Ashleigh in glasgow Green for a formal picnic, with included, cider, vodka, cookies, smarties & porta-loo's. Oh, and blankets & play-park.
When the weather turned we headed into the main drag for some gallavanting as you do and got talking to some peolple. As the night progressed on the time came when Claire had to get the last bus home but luckily enough my mom took her in for the night. So, after walking a very sulky Lauren to the station we went down to Merchant City & met a footballer. A half an hour later we sauntered to the Casino to get a ride of the gambler & she ran us home.
We went to sleep.
& got up in the morning funnily enough.
And sure as god we got the bus into town again. Stayed in georges square for a while and just done what we normally do..talk, and talk, and talk.
We all hopped on the bus to Rebeccas house, when we got there we rung the buzzer, her mum answered, 'no, rebeccas sleeping and i'm not waking her up'
So, naturally i phone her and see what the big deal is to come down and say hi but she snubbed our efforts.
Obviously something must be wrong if you just tell your friends to go away without talking to them directly so we go in to the block after this old lady, quiet as a mouse. The old lady walks up the stair and fucking bangs on Rebeccas door complainig about the noise and that we were pressing all the buzzers, the lies that were coming from Corned beef legs was actually sickening. Then Rebeccas mum comes down with an attitude. So we just left it cause she couldnt be that much of a friend if she didnt even want to see us.
Got back on the glamarous 262 and got off yet again, this time at Lidle for cheap sweets and energy drinks.
Went to my house and got fajitas then went a picnic in the middle of the overgrown field at my house, it was quite strange but a laugh. Then we trampollinned it before goodbyes were said.
g, XO

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